Who We Are

OFFICERS:  Silvana Gallardo and Billy Drago
Business Administrator/Production Coordinator:  John Gavigan

Camellia South LLC is a company formed by producers dedicated to developing innovative
projects for film and television while offering educational and artistic growth opportunities
to individuals and groups.

The mission and vision of Camellia South LLC is to use the media arts as tools for self-
expression, emotional growth and development of critical thinking.  Camellia South
envisions itself as a practical film and television production center.  It will incorporate
acting and artistic education, technical production, while offering and providing artists with
a space and an opportunity to produce their work.

Camellia South LLC is registered as a limited liability company with the Secretary of
State’s office in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  The following individuals are registered
with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Silvana Gallardo and Billy Drago are listed as Co-
Owners with an evenly split share in the business.  John Gavigan is listed as the
Registered Agent and serves as Production Coordinator.

The future goals of Camellia South LLC are to sell the current finished projects, raise
capital to finish current and existing projects, create a distribution contract with a reputable
and profitable distributor, and to build a sound stage and production center.  This also
includes creating a school for interested artists to come and practice their craft.

It is our intent to make the peoples’ dreams realistic, the employment permanent and the
economic benefits to the entire community far reaching.  Camellia South recognizes the
importance of keeping the income stream within the state of Kentucky.  We have valuable
experience in the entertainment business and we want to use that to build our company in

PO Box 545, Paris, Kentucky 40361