A 60 minute instructional Video/DVD & Manual produced by Silvana Gallardo
and Billy Drago which is available on the Internet and specialty shops around
the country – Although it  still remains a lucrative product, the producers feel it
is time to make a more current one.  Available at:

The Anger – a feature length film project (stars attached) written by Billy Drago, and   
Silvana Gallardo – Seeking 4.9 million dollar financing.  Can be considered a dark horror
genre category - Every action has a final reaction.

The Tin Angel – a feature length film project (stars attached) written by Billy Drago,
Francis Delia and Silvana Gallardo - Seeking 5.8 million dollar budget - considered a
comedic/tragedy genre - with Hollywood gone wild - very sad…but funny.  Currently in
negotiations with a Los Angeles Company.

The Winning – a feature length film project (based on the novel - The Winning - by
Silvana Gallardo)   A big Budget fantasy drama – international cast – seeking financing and
recognizable stars to attach - Script by Silvana Gallardo and John Gavigan.  A woman,
haunted by her past, seeks to alter her future.  Set in Gambling Casinos around the world – a
love story that spans lifetimes.

The Wetlands – a feature length film project written by John Gavigan deserves a six
million dollar budget -   A timely current events film exposing the greed, corruption and
environmental destruction seen today- Seeking financing and recognizable stars to attach.

Sammy and Friends – a feature length film project – written by John Gavigan and
Silvana Gallardo – seeking 6.5 million dollar budget – family oriented motion picture genre with
a message - Includes three great dogs, a magnificent cat and recognizable star actors – The
animals understand that certain human beings are in desperate need of at least a little wisdom
and conjure up ways to save the day.  This script is currently in representation, but all parties
should inquire.

Documentary on Alternative Healing - Paul Sheehan has developed a very
exciting alternative approach to healing.  We plan to shoot case studies that will prove this
extraordinary healing method.

Simpson Street - Written by Edward Gallardo, the original play received glowing reviews
after opening in New York.  It has since been performed around the world.  We at Camellia
South feel this low budget film will attract the Hispanic market world-wide as well as those
interested in a family drama.  Lots of humor too.
Projects in development
        Projects seeking distribution
FADING TO ZERO - 58 minute docudrama (currently seeking
distribution) based on the life and works of the late Brooklyn Poet laureate:  
Ken Siegelman.  Currently a charity Premiere showing is being planned to
take place later this year in Florida.  This film could possibly be a first
episode for a series on Famous Poets worldwide.