THE ACTING CLASS SERIES - Acting for Success
A new reality/docudrama -  Produced by Camellia South LLC
Created/Directed by:  John Gavigan & Silvana Gallardo

Most ‘Reality’ shows are created and tested in Europe, predominately England, and then
brought to America for world exposure; however, the home base remains abroad…as does the
revenue.  We want to make Lexington, Kentucky the home base.  The benefits are:  an
environmentally friendly business, permanent employment, technical training, creative outlets,
increased tax base, the support of ancillary businesses.  These efforts will give Kentucky’s
future generations reasons to stay.  A few years ago London’s largest channel, T4, filmed
Silvana’s class in Hollywood and it became their most popular episode of the year.

Silvana Gallardo’s
Acting for Success
(the original - based on her book Acting for Success)

We’re taking it to the people.  Sitting back and comfortably judging others is simply passé.  
This series is beyond American Idol, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Talk about stars –
we have them.  Discovering new talent – we’ll find them.

The current major reality series, whether they are about singers, dancers or survivors, have
proved to be immensely profitable.  No successful series on acting has yet been done.  
Silvana Gallardo’s Acting for Success is the cauldron out of which will burst a dynamic
mixture of audience, talent, raw emotions, stars, knowledge and technique.  Until now, no one
has had the ability to combine all of these forces into creating a Series which will enlighten,
entertain and change the audience’s sense of reality.  The World is invited to join and
participate in this life changing new series.  It will be rough, difficult, hard, and in your face
drama, but you will laugh uncontrollably as you step onto this roller coaster ride.  This Series,
like a magnet, will draw people in – forcing them to remember their own hopes and dreams.  
Whether they like it or not, people are drawn to the truth.

Life and death situations will be explored: i.e., betrayal, divorce, abortion, death, aging, lying,
single parenthood, the economy, poverty, graduation, hope, marriage and the striving for
recognition.  The honesty and intensity of each episode will break down the wall of safety now
enjoyed by the Audience.  They will enjoy discovering that ‘They Are Enough’.

Stars who have participated in Silvana's Hollywood class include Angelina Jolie, Keanu
Reeves, Michael T. Weiss, Billy Drago, Rex Linn, Peta Wilson, Kristanna Loken, John O’
Hurley, Darren E. Burrows. Tara Subkoff and many others.  They will be asked to share how
their lives and careers have been impacted by using the Gallardo Method.  They will work with
new people and local actors who may be on their own way to stardom.

Live shows will be held throughout the country – Guest directors and agents will scream to be
included.  This is a Giant Showcase for aspiring actors – many of whom will be awarded film
and television contracts in future productions.  Everyone has a secret dream.  They all want to
be seen.  They want their lives to mean something.  This Series is healing, challenging, daring

Explore the Art of the Infinite Possibility.
Acting for Success will succeed

By reaching out to everyone - not just the actor - but the housewife, the public speaker, the
student, the teacher, the doctor, the attorney - all will come to understand how special they are
and that they matter.  They will also remember that the truth matters.  They will find alternative
ways to communicate and get what they need, what they want, what they feel.  They will learn
not to judge, but to see clearly.  They will delve deeply into their souls - scary as that may be -
and discover who they really are.
Participants in the show will come from all over the world…England, California, Brazil, Mexico,
China, Germany, New York, Kentucky…all with the same wants, needs and feelings - they
want to know that they are good enough, that their lives have meaning. Through sounds,
movement and discipline, the students and actors learn to expose their most hidden secrets
and pains, their fears and dreams.  By extension, the viewing audience will do the same.

PO Box 545, Paris, Kentucky 40361